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Vivitar KidsTech DIY Transforming Solar Robot allows you to be creative and build your own robot in 3 different ways! Choose to transform it from Robot Mode to Scorpion Mode to Tank Mode. Use the solar powered module to watch them come to life by making it move about.

  • Solar Powered
  • 3-in-1 Robot to interchange designs
  • Easy to engineer
  • Includes mechanical parts, stickers and solar module

Build, Play and transform the Vivitar KidsTech DIY Transforming Solar Robot. There are 3 different ways to make the robot your own fun creation- in Robot mode, Scorpion mode, and Tank mode plus bonus stickers to make your design complete. This robot is solar powered, so the module must get sunlight in order to make the robot move. Become an early engineer with the DIY Transforming Solar Robot!

  • Model: VA90025