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Taya’s Inner Core Hair Strong Strengthening Mist is a powerful fortifying spray that increases hair’s inner strength and elasticity, helping to reinforce the hair cuticle, and to revitalize and resurface weak, fragile, delicate, tired, brittle hair. This powerful leave-in mist helps create voluptuous, bouncy, thicker, revitalized looking styles in seconds, by making your hair stronger and reducing hair breakage by up to 64% after just one application.

It also provides inner strength, body, substance and density, promoting optimal hair fiber integrity and making your hair look and feel stronger, fatter and healthier after one application.

Formulated using an ancient recipe containing Brazilian Black Clay, super rich in Titanium, Iron and Copper, and Raw Bamboo Fibers, this exceptional styling Fiber Crème helps transform weak, fragile, lifeless, brittle, tired hair into stronger, bolder, younger and abundant looking hair. Thus, building your hair’s “Inner Core”.

The micro particles of Brazilian Black Clay bond and penetrate into each hair strand, filling the damaged gaps and reinforcing the INNER CORE of each hair fiber, bringing it back to life and transforming weak, fragile, lifeless hair into stronger, fatter and healthier hair. The Bamboo fibers wrap around each hair strand and creates a protective shield that fortifies and resurfaces the hair fiber, making the hair stronger, fuller and bolder, and making your style look voluptuous, bouncy, vibrant in seconds.

Size: 5 fluid oz.