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This is a highly-concentrated mask that instantly repairs, hydrates and improves the condition of anyone’s hair, but especially hair which is damaged, dry, color-treated, chemically-treated, frizzy, over-processed, lifeless or weakened. Or just out-of-control. It restores elasticity, moisture, softness and silkiness to the most abused and damaged hair. And it does so… Instantly.

The mask contains the higher concentration of the Buriti Nut Oil. The oil is super-rich in unsaturated Omega Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, and Natural, Essential Lipids that Mimic those Lipids found in healthy hair. THIS IS THE KEY TO THIS OIL: IT CONTAINS NATURAL ESSENTIAL LIPIDS THAT MIMIC THOSE FOUND ON HEALTHY HAIR, SO YOUR HAIR IS ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THESE LIPIDS AND ABSORBS THEM DEEP INSIDE THE CUTICLE AND TRANSFORMING THE HAIR FROM WITHIN.

It also is rich in beta-carotene and pro-Vitamin A, which helps create a natural shield around the hair shaft decreasing water loss caused by exposure to the sun and other harmful environmental elements. And this is blended with Brazil Nut Oil and Extracts of Raw Parsley for their anti-oxidant and restorative qualities.

This Mask instantly hydrates and restores damaged, dry, and distressed hair by creating a natural shield that protects hair from sun, heat, and water loss, and styling tools like blow driers and heat irons.

It’s different from other hair masks because it can be used on Dry Hair for a quick fix! Your Dry Hair is more porous, and your hair will actually absorb as much as it needs! Or, use it as an Overnight Mask for that special treatment for a true transformation.

You can use it once, twice or even three times a week. It’s for everyone, and all hair types, but especially effective for damaged and abused hair.

Size: 8.5 oz.