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Slippery hillsides. Icy sidewalks. Snow-covered steps. If the thought of these things makes you want to hide in your house, you need a pair of Quadtrek All-Terrain Ice Cleats. They slip over your shoes and provide traction on any surface. Hikers and wilderness wanderers and well as urban office dwellers trying to survive their commute will find them invaluable for daily use. Quadtrek all-terrain ice cleats strong rubber construction allows them to stretch securely over almost any shoes to help your fit grab the ground for secure stepping. Quadtrek’s stainless spikes are completely rust-proof with traction system providing traction on ice.

These Snow Cleats pull on and off easily with a built-in tab too. No laces to tie, zippers to zip, or awkward galoshes to pull on. All-terrain ice cleats work with dress shoes and sneakers alike and fit compactly in a purse, briefcase, or backpack when not in use. The Slip-on stretch along with the traction system is an added benefit for walking on ice with shoes and boots. Best of all, you can face your terrain with confidence. Get a grip with Quadtrek!

Advanced features of All-Terrain Ice Cleats:

  • Triangle shaped 24 spikes
  • Product weight is approx. 300 g
  • Available in size S, M, L, XL
  • Adjustable with every footwear
  • Anti-slip with a strong grip

Weight 0.66 lbs

L, M, SM, XL