Home Shopping, Direct Response and Online Retail Executive Al Footnick Joins ShopHombre.com As President and General Manager

New E-Commerce Platform Destination with Unique Quality Priced Brands for All Shoppers

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Los Angeles, CA, December 13, 2021. ReThink Global, LLC announced today that veteran Home Shopping, Direct Response and Online Retail, Al Footnick, has joined ShopHombre.com as President and General Manager. Mr. Footnick, has a long and distinguished career in the industry, and is known as a strong, decisive leader in Electronic Retailing and online sales. With production experience that spans more than 40 years, he has been involved in projects that have generated in excess of $450 Million in sales in Electronic Retailing; Direct Response; long and short form infomercials, live TV shopping networks and online shopping. He has produced and/or directed long and short-form content for companies and products that have had sustained sales over several decades, including Sharper Image: Ionic Breeze, “Razor” Scooter; Stainz-R-Out; Eagle Eye Sunglasses; Everly Originals Portraits and NuWave Oven.  He has also produced and directed on-air content for major Direct Response companies that include Famous Discoveries, Five Star Entertainment and Reliant International.

All Footnick noted, “I am very pleased to be part of this unique, and exciting new digital interactive video platform that goes to the heart of the Hispanic community with products for everyone. The time is ‘more than right’ for a new platform that provides the Hispanic population with a shopping network they will be able to call their own. I am very excited to be part of ShopHombre.com.”

Dennis Richard, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShopHombre.com, said, “We welcome Al as President of our growing, highly-talented dedicated team of people, who are all working together to make ShopHombre.com a great success. With Al’s talent, insight and connections with manufacturers and specific product categories, we look forward to his guidance toward our successful launch and our further expansion globally.”

In the United States today, Latinos are a very strong economic force. If their total economic output was broken out as a separate country, they would rank as the fifth largest country, according to a Latino Donor Report published with Wells Fargo. Today there are over 63 million Hispanic Americans, whose buying power has grown substantially over the last 31 years, from $213 billion in 1990 to over $1.9 trillion in 2021. Hispanic buying power today accounts for approximately 11.1% of the U.S. buying power, with increasing numbers of Hispanics purchasing items via mobile apps than ever before. Latinos as a group skew younger than other racial groups, adding workers to the U.S. labor force at a rate nearly 15 times greater than non-Latinos. Hispanic culture in America has grown considerably over the years, and has had a profound effect in such areas as trade, cultural exchange, linguistic innovation, architecture, fashion and music.

ShopHombre.com is the new digital interactive ecommerce platform whose products are aligned with the dramatic and growing influence of customer demand for cross-culture products, and launches with an exciting mix of goods. Music from homeland favorites is enhanced with the vibrancy of Vinyl played on our traditional Throwback Turntables. Ladies Rings and Pendants reflect romantic exclusive cuts and settings. Additionally, the private experience of enjoying music and gaming is enhanced on personal Headsets that travel anywhere. Children gain knowledge through the experience of age-appropriate experiments in our Education category. New products will be added regularly with a focus on classic staples to include high-tech Cookware in traditional design and universally popular categories such as Electronics, Auto Accessories, Sports, Camping and Electronic Gaming, along with multicultural, themed products.

Please visit us at www.ShopHombre.com

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For more information about ShopHombre.com, or if you are a vendor who would like to place your products on our network, please contact Al Footnick, President and General Manager at Al@ShopHombre.com.